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Kellan at the Abbot + Main Desert Estate Coachella Pool Party (April 11, 2014)

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New Kellan Interview: 'Expendables 3' Bulgarian Press Conference

When Stallone enters the conference room we've assembled in, you can tell he's exhausted, a trait that he shares with his character Barney Ross in the storyline for The Expendables 3. As the film opens, Barney's actually considering wrapping it all up, which is why there are so many younger faces in the cast this time around.

"Barney wants to retire them," Kellan Lutz says about the film's original crew. "They're getting old, so he wants to come after some new blood, wants them to think smarter. The younger generation is more tech savy."

In a coincidentally meta way, Lutz's comments on how the "new crew" gets connected into the plot of the film similarly reflect the real life reasons that the cast was added to the movie.

"Our stories, by and large, have been pretty much told," Stallone said. "So now we have to branch out and investigate other people's lives. You can only have so many times you go to that well and after a while you say, 'I'm sick of the taste of this water, give me something else.' Well you bring in a new spring and that's exactly what's happening, you have to do it all the time."

Lutz plays the role of Smilee in the film, the defacto leader of these "Young Expendables," and a character he says feels a lot like the young version of Stallone's Barney Ross. 

"There's a scene that Sly and I have that he really gets through to me, when I have such a front on, and he actually speaks the lingo that I need to hear. As much as I throw him back and say F*ck off, he really gets to me and makes sense about what I'm doing with my life."

New Pic of Kellan with Expendables 3 Screenwriter

Hey team, I'm truly honored to be a part of so many great films and if not for the men and women behind the pens, these stories would never get told. With that said, let's all welcome, Creighton Rothenberger (one of the awesome The Expendables 3 screenwriters) to Facebook! -Kellan